The Atlas sport light body is beautiful and generous in appearance, light up areas of ports, stadiums, squares, rail centers, light towers, and exterior sports. The lamp body is constructed out of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum, which makes the heat dissipation efficiency higher. The structure is designed for air convection, better heat dissipation allows maximum heat departure, ensures longer LED life and safety. Read More>>

For stadium lighting, most products in the market are talking about power, lumen, IP, IK level. For professional-level stadium lighting, Weight, EPA, TLCI, and lens are the key points. Less weight ensures easy installation, low EPA ensures low wind resistance, high TLCI ensures good HDTV broadcasting effect, the good lens ensures uniform light distribution and glare-reducing. ARES Stadium Light is just the ideal solution for professional-level stadium lighting. Read More >> 

The HARMONY is great solution for professional stadium lighting with small beam angles, and asymmetric beam angles. It could fit for all fields as well, including sports venues, apron lighting, harbor wharf lighting, etc. With only 683mm(27‘’) width, it can beat 80% of competitors in the /champion-sports-lighting/high mast lighting market. Read More >> 

Minimising windage of front and side surface through combined frame and modules .
Low total weight of complete system, same size with traditional 2000W Metal Halide/HPS.
Easy to install and maintain, flexible mouting system especially the new IP66 driver box, absence of complex wiring between driver box and luminaire, also the modules.
Minimising TCO by maximum and constant light output with effective thermal management to extend product lifetime and minimize maintenance costs. Read More >> 

KNIGHT is available with both asymmetric & symmetric beam angles to get more useful lighting on the ground. It is equipped with lightweight, flexible wattage, from 500W to 1500W, which is a important for both retrofit project and new projects. Also, it allows for the lowest instllation costfor the compete project, and labor cost. It comes with AL1070 pure aluminum resulting in superb heat management, 60% better than normal Die-casting aluminum. Read More >> 

The Apollo LED high mast light is designed with high efficiency and performance features. With easy installation and low maintenance, it’s a great choice particularly for new and retrofit industrial applications. The Apollo LED provides a long lifespan, perfect uniformity, and significant power reduction compared with traditional Metal Halides. Read on to learn why the Apollo is a uniquely qualified one. Read More >>

HONOR series LED HIGH MAST LIGHT is built with robust Folding aluminum fin module housing and heavy duty anticorrosive surface treatment for sparking the beauty and improving lighting conditions of applied area. Originated by the demand for large field lighting applications,SILM Plus series flood lights can be extended to 1500W and fixture efficacy reaches to 170LPW, better brilliance, less energy consumption.  Read More >>