Racetrack Lighting

In the field of sports lighting, athletic field lighting is somewhat special. Sports on athletic field are different from other ball sports. The athletic field, also known as a track or a racetrack, is mainly a combination of athletes and venues, while ball sports are a combination of athletes, venues and the ball. Although the sports taking place on an athletic field lacks the role of the ball. It would seem that the requirements for lighting are not high, but this is not the case. Athletic field requirements for lighting are also very high.

Layout of Racetrack

When designing, it is necessary to consider the light output reduction caused by dust or light source attenuation during the life of the lamp. The attenuation of the light source depends on the environmental conditions of the installation site and the type of light source selected. Therefore, the initial illuminance of the new luminaire is 1.2 to 1.5 times the above value.

Lighting Requirements

The illumination level of athletic field lighting varies with the changes in demand. Entertainment training 200lx, amateur competition 300lx, professional competition 500lx, broadcast 1000lx, high-definition broadcast has higher requirements for illumination.

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