Basketball is one of the most popular and common sports all over the world. There are indoor basketball courts. Regardless of the court’s location, good lighting so that both the players and spectators can enjoy the game is vey important.

Basic Dimensions

There are different standard court sizes depending on the level of play, although the basic basketball court layout is fairly similar for professional, college, and high school games (with some differences that we will cover later). 

NBA: 94′ long x 50′ wide from side to side

FIBA (International Basketball Federation) / Olympics: 28 meters long x 15 meters wide (approximately 91′ 10.4” x 49′ 2.6”)

NCAA / College: Usually the same as NBA, but some older courts may be 84′ long
High School: 84′ long x 50′ wide
Junior High School: 74′ long x 42′ wide

Lighting Requirements

The midcourt and the sidelines should be illuminated evenly and equally. In addition, bi-directional lighting must be provided in each zone. Good quality of light without spotlighting should be achieved.

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