The National Football League is the name given to the merger of the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference.

The NFL is the largest of the four major professional sports leagues in North America and the largest in the world. The lighting requirement is quite strict.

Layout of Football Field

American Football fields are rectangular playing  fields with a required length of 120 yards   (360′ | 109.75 m) and a width of 53.3 yards ( 160′ | 48.8 m). Based on yards, the field of   play in a game of football refers to the 100  yards  between the two opposing end zones  on either side of the field at 10 yards | (30′ | 9.15 m)  deep. White markings designate each individual  yard on the field and are separated by full field lines  every ten yards. The central hash marks are located 20 yards (60′ | 18.25 m) inwards from each team’s side line. Team areas are centered at the 50 yard line and extend 25 yards (75′ | 22.8 m) in both directions.

Lighting Requirements

The infield and outfield should be illuminated evenly and equally. In addition, bi-directional lighting must be provided in each zone. A good qualified lighting without dazzling should be achieved.

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