The lighting design of the ice hockey rink is based on the overall arrangement of light, that comfortably serves the different perspectives of athletes, referees and spectators. It enables athletes to concentrate on competing at the highest level. Referees are able to make quick and accurate judgement. Quality lighting allows spectators both physically at the game and those viewing on TV at home easily view and appreciate the techinical play of the sport and feel the intense and lively performance on the rink.

Layout of ICE Hockey Field

The standard of ice hockey rink is 60 meters long, 30 meters wide, and the corner arc radius is 8.5 meters. The ice hockey rink is surrounded by a solid boundary wall made of wood or plastic materials of 1.15 to 1.12 meters. Except for the official site markings, all ice surfaces and inner walls of boundary walls shall be white. The hockey goal is 1.83 meters wide and 1.22 meters high. The deepest part of the goal is no more than 1 meter or less than 60 meters.

Ice hockey is a combination of changeable skating skills and agile hockey skills, one of the more antagonistic collective ice sports, and it is also an official event of the Winter Olympics. Athletes are wearing skates and skating with ice sticks in hand to hit the ball. The ball is generally made of hard rubber, with a thickness of 2,54 cm and a diameter of 7.62 cm. The ball weighs 156-170 grams. During the game, each team has six players, three forwards, two defenders and one goalkeeper. The athlete hits the ball into the opponent’s goal with an ice stick.

An ice hockey rink should have very good uniformity and high level of illumination to prevent glare in the stadium. Since many actions of the athletes take place near the hoarding, the shadows formed by the hoarding should be excluded. For the camera, ensure the vertical illuminance near the enclosure.

In order to ensure that ice athletes and spectators can track fast-moving athletes and clearly see the detailed movements of athletes, ice sports competitions must have a higher level of lighting, especially in large stadiums, because spectators are far away from the ice. To be able to see the game clearly, especially to see the tiny details of movements, ice sports require a high level of lighting. The visibility of a moving object depends on the size, speed and brightness contrast of the object and its background brightness and ambient brightness.

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