Tennis is a fast ball game. For this reason along, good lighting is elementary. Both the players and the viewers can actively follow the game. This means that the ball must always ben seen clearly, regardless of the speed or direction. In addition to high lighting, uniform light distribution over the entire playing court is rquired, no single light point should be brighter than another.

Layout of Baseball Field

The layout of a standard tennis court is not less than 36.58 meters (length) x 18.29 meters (width). This size is also the net size of a net around the standard tennis court or the interior wall of an indoor building. In this area, the standard size of an effective doubles floor is: 23.77 meters (length) x 10.97 meters (width), and there should be no less than 3.66 meters of open space behind each end line.

Lighting Requirements

Tennis court lights require relatively high light levels. Be sure to choose anti-glare lamps. This light level is measured from 1 meter above the court. If the lighting of the tennis court of a regular match should also meet the requirements of TV broadcasting, Energy-saving professional design is required. The way of installing lights is different in different venues.
The standard is to determine the lighting standard according to the function of the court, which is roughly divided into the following levels.

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