Baseball is quite a popular sport in the USA, Korea and Latin America. This is a total team-work sport. People usually play baseball/softball at night recreationally after work.

For the purpose of tracking balls flying at high-speeds, a good quality lighting system will be fundamental for players in all zones on the baseball/softball field.

Layout of Baseball Field

In chapter 2 of MLB 2018 official baseball rules, it gives all requirements of baseball field. In field should be 90 foot square while outfield shall be the area between two foul lines formed by extending two sides of the squareDistance from home base to nearest fence should be at least 250ft. 

Pitchers plate: 24″x6″

It is 10″ above level of home plate.

Home plate: L7″ side to side.

Lighting Requirements

The infield and outfield should be illuminated evenly and equally. In addition, bi-directional lighting must be provided in each zone. A good qualified lighting without dazzling should be achieved.

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