Swimming is an individual or team racing sport that requires the use of one’s entire body to move through the water. The lighting of swimming pools is entirely subject special to requirements and regulations. The goal is to achieve sufficient brighteness without the glare while taking into account the physical properties of the water keep surface reflections to a minimum. The addition, the safety and security of swimmers, lifeguards, swimming intructions, trainers, spectators are very important. Onlookers should be able to see clearly to see clearly in the water at any time. The swimmers themselves need an undisturbed view of lane markings, pool edge, other swimmers, and any possible debris or obstruction in the water.

Layout of Swimming Application

To swim a mile, which is understood as 1650 yards for a swimmer, a swimmer must complete 33 laps in a 50 meter (164 foot) pool and 66 laps in a 25 meter (82 foot) pool. A lap for a swimmer refers to swimming a one-way length of the pool.

Lighting Requirements

Good to know: the reflection of a headlight on the water surface increases with the angle of incidence. From an angle of 70 ° the view becomes so severely disabled that divers and lifeguards, the swimmers can hardly see them.

Given the complexity of pool planning and the necessary care in positioning, we recommend involving lighting experts in the overall planning at an early stage. We would be happy to support you.

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