Why We Should Use Professional LED Sports Light Instead of Ordinary LED Lights?

LED light divide into ordinary and dedicated. Generally, special LED lights use in professional stadiums, which can meet the special needs of stadiums. The main differences between it and ordinary LED lights are:

  1. The color temperature of professional led stadium lights tailored for various types of stadiums, making athletes, referees and spectators more comfortable.
  2. The LED lamps used for sports games use high thermal conductivity materials. This technology and materials cut energy consumption and lighten the weight of the lamps, especially the thermal conductivity is better, while ordinary LEDs use general aluminum profiles.
  3. The color rendering index of professional LED stadium lamps is greater than 80, which makes the colors more realistic and restores the true beauty of the stadium. The human face of the ordinary LED screen blurred and distorted.
  4. LED stadium light special lamps have no light pollution, overflow light and glare control. Professional light distribution design can effectively prevent overflow and glare, reducing more than 37% of the overflow light on general venues. The light of ordinary LED lamps scattered and everywhere. Lights are prone to disturb the people.
  5. The LED lamp adopts a professional light distribution system, which has outstanding energy-saving effects. Various light distribution designs do precise light distribution and more uniform illumination. Ordinary LED lighting effects will have obvious dark areas and uneven illumination.

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