How to Choose Lighting Design for Sports Lighting Application?

There are a lot of different types of stadiums or sports areas all over the world. Different in size, standards, and locations. And also the indoor or outdoor, small or large ones. There are always specific requirements no matter it is the city or urban, no matter it is a single purpose or multi-purpose game area. The stadiums are always quite special with unique lighting requirements. Agricultural needs certain lighting to illuminate or enhance it’s building. For stadiums, the players, spectators, owners, television broadcasters, and their audiences could benefit from flexible lighting.

lighting simulation application

All our stadiums and sports areas are complying with the lighting system standards by using LEDil lens. The module optics designing makes mixing beam angles to fit for different requirements. Also, it’s easily replaceable beam angles. Lighting is working with high performance and IP66 rated which results in long-term life enough in the toughest environment.

Our Advantages

– Low glare UR for outdoor sports lighting, <50

– The designed lux could meet standards for both players and spectators areas in the sports field.

– We have both symmetric & asymmetric options to get accurate lighting direction to avoid lighting pollution and make it more energy saving.

Here are some tips to learn how to read the polar curves

Technical Support

We offer Dialux lighting simulations for free to help customers understand what’s the quantity and wattage needed for their real project. And also, what will the light like like in his project.

Technical guide and tips for your installations.

Thermal analysis for all our illuminares.

Customized quotation for your project.

Contact: to get more details

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