How to Install the Stadium Lighting Pole Embedded Parts?

Whether the outdoor sports field lighting pole is installed firmly depends on the design and installation method of the embedded foundation. The design depth of the embedded parts of the light pole is not enough, the specification of the used steel bar is too small, and the design of the embedded tunnel is too small. These factors may affect the bearing capacity and wind resistance of the light pole, and cause safety hazards. Especially when it comes to 18-25m high pole light poles used in large outdoor sports venues such as football fields, the scientific design and installation of the light pole embedded parts becomes more important.

For basketball courts and tennis courts, the height of the light poles used in such small venues is 6-8 meters, the size of the base flange of the light pole is within 350x350mm, the main structural steel bar of the embedded part is 16mm in diameter, and the entire embedded part uses 4 main The steel bar and the two layers of reinforcing ribs are welded together, and the height is 70 cm. The distance between two adjacent main steel bars is 20 cm. The embedded parts are installed in a tunnel with a length of 60 x 60 cm and a depth of 80 cm and filled with concrete. The embedded parts are exposed 5 cm from the ground, and the threading pipe is located in the center of the embedded parts and extends out of the ground.


In the same way, with the increase of the height of the lamp pole, the increase of the diameter and the change of the shape design of the embedded parts of the high pole lamp pole of the outdoor large football field, the size and material standard of the lamp pole will also increase.

Light poles of other heights (18-25 meters) cannot be generalized due to the different design standards and the number of lights installed. They should be more accurately and scientifically demonstrated to ensure safe installation and use. Another issue that needs attention is the installation and construction sequence of the stadium’s comprehensive supporting facilities (foundation ground, light poles, floor, fence and ball rack). We contacted, when the construction of the foundation ground starts, the installation of the stadium light pole embedded parts should be considered. At least the pits should be reserved for the installation of the embedded parts in advance. For many years, the installation and construction practice has made a construction of various stadium facilities for everyone. Sequence arrangement:

  1. Foundation hardening and installation of embedded parts;
  2. Install stadium light poles and ball rack goals;
  3. Installation of stadium fence;
  4. Construction and installation of stadium floor (acrylic, silicon, artificial turf).

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