Why should you choose AIKO Harmony G3 Sports Lighting?

AIKO Harmony G3 sports light is a very popular stadium lighting product, which is widely used in various venues of different competition levels all over the world. Whether it is training level lighting level, broadcast level lighting level, or UEFA lighting level, FIFA lighting level, Olympic lighting level, it is definitely a product with high return on investment, it can not only make the whole venue look brand new, but also let investors , fans, and athletes are satisfied with the product.

Premium lumen output

In the field of sports lighting, optics is a quite important aspect. AIKO Harmony G3 sports light is a product with high quality lumen output, offering symmetrical light and asymmetrical light optics, equipped with the latest anti-spill light lens technology, will not cause pollution and disturbance to the surrounding neighbors, absolutely in line with the The International Dark-Sky Association standard.

Durable quality

AIKO Harmony G3 sports light is made of aviation pure aluminum with lower copper content, good toughness, high safety, and excellent heat dissipation effect. AIKO Harmony G3 is sprayed by Akzo Nobel, which has excellent corrosion resistance and is very suitable for applications in harsh environments near the sea. Marine grade painting is optional.

Suitable solution

The reason why AIKO Harmony G3 sports light is so popular is also inseparable from the lighting calculation solution provided by AIKO team in time. Our professional team can give customers the most suitable solution to win the project. Our professional team can recommend the most suitable sports lighting products for you by using the most suitable quantity, optics, power, etc. according to the needs of customers. Within 24 hours.


The Aiko Lighting team puts 100% enthusiasm and passion in the field of stadium lighting. We are experts in the field of stadium lighting. We can always help customers customize products & solutions. No matter what the venue, Aiko can always find a solution way. A positive and enthusiastic attitude is an important part of success. It is precisely because of our team’s efforts and continuous improvement that AIKO has shown its brilliance in projects all over the world.

Practical experience

As AIKO Harmony G3 sports light has completed more and more projects, it has also received more and more compliments in the market, below are some pictures of the projects we have completed. Among them are football fields, tennis courts, ice hockey fields, etc.

If you want to improve the quality of light in new and renovated venues, the design of the optical and the performance of the LED fixture are very important factors. Choosing AIKO Lighting will definitely satisfy your investors and project parties, and users will improve their sports experience and bring better competition results. Contact us now!


Email: info@aikoled.com

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