2023 Which lighting solution is special for indoor swimming pool lighting?

Swimming is a very popular sport in summer. With the holding of various competitions and the improvement of the economic level, various indoor swimming competitions, the construction of teaching venues and the operation of swimming pool lighting have gradually entered the vision of the majority of operators. When swimming, the requirements for light are very strict. Due to the fast movement during swimming, the eyes are constantly switching between water and underwater, which will inevitably be affected by the light.

Good lighting not only improves the sports level of athletes or users, changes their mentality, improves the Factor of safety efficiency, improves the utilization rate of venues, but also saves venue costs. Under the background of swimming lighting, LED swimming lighting emerged as the times require, and quickly occupied the swimming lighting market, and was sought after by major stadiums and universities!

Compared with traditional lighting, the advantages of LED swimming lighting are energy saving, environmental protection, high power efficiency, good quality, long life, no need to wait, and instant start.

According to international swimming pool design standards, the swimming pool is 50 meters long, at least 25 meters wide, and more than 2 meters deep. There are 8 lanes, each 2.5 meters wide. 1. The outer lanes of the eight lanes are 2.5 meters away from the wall. In such a large area of water, avoiding the glare of artificial light and natural light reflected from the water surface to athletes, referees, cameras and spectators is the focus of swimming pool lighting design.

What are the solutions for professional swimming pool lighting?

  1. The swimming pool of the competition is usually illuminated by LED lights. The LED lights are installed on both sides of the field for lighting projection, so that there is less reflected light in the sight of the athletes and will not affect the normal performance of the athletes. At the same time, factors such as glare treatment, strobe lighting treatment, lighting installation height and other factors should be considered to ensure that the light does not directly stimulate the audience.
  1. For venues that do not require TV coverage, light fixtures are usually scattered on the water outside the ceiling, under roof trusses or on walls. For venues that require TV broadcasting, lamps are generally arranged with light strips, that is, longitudinal horse paths are installed above both sides of the pool.

In addition, the three-dimensional effect of the swimming pool lighting effect is also particularly important, and various three-dimensional effects can be created through light intensity, angle, change, etc. Swimming pool lighting needs attention:

       1.Swimming pool lighting should have high color rendering performance and pure light color

Swimming pool lighting design requirements, stadium lighting color index is high, the color index R value is greater than 85, the color performance is high, and the ability to approach the color of sunlight. The color of the swimming pool light is not reddish, not blue, and the color is pure. Able to truly show the true color of the swimming pool.

  1. Swimming pool lighting should be free from glare hazards

Swimming pool lighting design requirements, no glare, no glare, no glare effect, no glare hazard. In swimming, it can present a very good lighting effect. From any position, from any angle, it can be seen clearly and truly.

The swimming pool lighting adopts the combination of high-quality lamps, light source, reflector and anti-glare board, which can meet the glare control effect at the same time, and strictly control the clear dividing line of light on the ground to ensure the control of glare.

Aiko Lighting has long been engaged in the R&D, design, production and sales of various stadium lighting, and has independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness. And use the Internet of Things technology to intelligently manage lighting equipment, switch lighting modes, and switch from PC and mobile devices with one touch. Lighting can be switched in professional live broadcast, professional competition, amateur competition, amateur training and other modes. The patented technology of the utility model not only saves time and lightens the workload of the swimming pool administrator, but also improves the work efficiency.

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