AIKO flood lighting fixtures meet a variety of outdoor applications

AIKO Lighting continues to develop advanced flood lighting fixtures to illuminate sports fields and areas of different levels with first-class LED technology. It is the new ideal solution for a wide range of lighting applications such as sports fields, container yards and ports, parking aprons and large industrial areas, intersections, etc. It can replace traditional flood lights one-to-one, saving energy and operating costs while maximizing efficiency and improving safety. It is easy to install and durable, and can meet a variety of outdoor applications.

In addition, AIKO Lighting has developed its own wireless control system to maximize the convenience of control and further achieve high-quality and reliable lighting.

Higher Efficiency

AIKO Lighting provides abundant light with higher system efficiency and integrates best-in-class LED light sources, modular optical systems, heat sinks and drivers into an all-in-one housing that meets globally recognized safety standards.

Easy to install

AIKO Lighting’s optimized design for 1:1 retrofitting of traditional lamps has many advantages – small size, lighter weight, wide selection of optical components, high quality, easy wiring, and quick installation.

Long Service Time

AIKO Lighting’s exclusive designed radiators combine aesthetics and functionality to ensure outstanding reliability. Excellent lighting performance and longer service life can stimulate the infinite potential of the product.

Wide Range of Applications

AIKO flood lighting fixtures can be widely used in airports, parking aprons, ports and container yards, large industrial areas, parking areas, building exterior walls, transportation hubs, toll roads and leisure sports fields and other places. High-quality Akzo coatings in a robust design make the installation suitable for harsh outdoor environmental conditions, and a variety of lenses cover as many customer needs as possible. Replacing traditional flood lights with AIKO flood lighting fixtures not only saves energy and operating costs, but also provides reliable illuminance performance while reducing the number of lamps.

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