Why Go for LED Lights for Cricket Stadiums?

Cricket stadium

Good and proper lighting is essential to the success of any sporting event. Whether the sport is played outdoors or indoors, as a recreational activity or as a professional champion, day or night, the importance of proper lighting is the same and cannot be overlooked. With the increased demand for high-definition broadcasts, an increase in spectators and the need for night games, the demands on cricket pitch or field lighting have never been higher. So what is the most important thing to consider when lighting up a cricket pitch?

1.Better energy efficiency

LED lights offer many benefits for cricket stadiums. They are energy-efficient and reduce energy usage by around 75%. Moreover, they maintain the original brightness in their whole life. The lamps do not flicker or buzz like most traditional lighting technologies and reduce the maintenance costs due to their very long lifespan. Moreover, they do not contain any harmful components, which mean that their disposal process is uncomplicated.

2. High color rendering index

The lights have a higher color rendering index – above 80. That should tell you that they bright out the real colors of the objects. Manufacturers supply them in various color temperatures and finding one that will match the needs of your cricket stadium or field is easy. LEDs consume minimal electricity. You can, therefore, power them by solar and avoid relying on the power grid.

3. Dimmable lighting control for cricket field

LED lighting allows control of the light output. They boast a sophisticated control system and swift communication. When paired with advanced lighting controls, LED lighting technology can boost the energy-efficiency and reduce the operating costs. Even though having the lights switched on during a match, they should light equally. You can lower the light output by up to 50 percent with a single switch. They are perfect for broadcasting and provide uniform lighting on the cricket field or stadium.

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