What is NEMA Beam Angle?


Flood lighting can provide a wide range of light distribution or beam spread. Beam spread is classified into NEMA Types.

NEMA indicates how wide or narrow the light is projected out of the flood light. Horizontal and vertical beam spread angles are used to distinguish NEMA types.

Example: If the horizonal beam spread is 120° and the vertical beam spread is 140°, then the NEMA type is 6 x 7.


  • A narrower beam spread should be used if there is a large distance between the floodlight and the area being illuminated.
  • Narrow beam flood lights have a lower percentage of beam lumens falling outside the area to be lighted than wide beam flood lights.
  • NEMA type is determined by two angles (horizontal and vertical) where the light intensity is 10% of the maximum beam intensity.


Narrow Spot 2 x 2

The narrow spot distribution is ideal for applications where a tighter beam is required. It is also excellent for applications with far setbacks or longer distances such as flagpoles or tall trees.

Narrow Flood 4 x 4

Ideal for accenting sculptures, landscape and facade lighting with farther setbacks, narrow flood distribution provides a tight and symmetrical concentrated beam.

Horizontal Flood 5 x 3

Horizontal flood provides a wide horizontal beam with a narrow vertical concentration. It is ideal for applications that require a wide horizontal coverage with a shorter setback. It is a great distribution for grazing and accentuating architecture.

Vertical Flood 3 x 5

Great for tall facades and signs with a limited setback, vertical flood provides tall, tight distribution.

Mdium Flood 5 x 5

Designed for applications that require a wider uniform pattern with a medium setback, medium flood  is ideal for facades, under canopies, signs and general landscape applications.

Wide Flood 6 x 6

Wide flood distribution provides a large and uniform light pattern. Good for applications that require a shorter setback, wide flood can be used for signs, large facades, and broad landscape foliage. it can also be used for pole mounted applications for general area lighting.

Sources: Lithonia Lighting and Hubbell Lighting


Following are the NEMA beam angles of our hot selling product:

Sources: Lithonia Lighting and Hubbell Lighting


Harmony G3’s Symmetrical and Asymmetrical light distribution enhancing uniformity of vertical and horizontal, meanwhile reducing light spill especially back pole light in residential area.

Ares mainly uses symmetrical light optics to meet the illumination and uniformity requirements of various sports venues.

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