AIKO’s Harmony G3 floodlight would be a good choice when your retrofit project is coming

AIKO’s Harmony G3 sports floodlight is suitable for retrofit or new construction. Compact size, light weight, new optical technology and reasonable cost. 1:1 truly replace Philips Arena BVP427 and MVP507 are one of its outstanding features.

In retrofit projects, the size and weight of LED fixtures are critical aspects to consider. Usually the high poles and maintenance platforms of the stadium are very high, they are about 30-45M, which means that if the replacement LED fixture is too heavy or too large, it may cause the entire project to need to be replaced new poles, this will directly lead to an increase in the cost of the entire project.

So choosing the suitable LED sports light is very important for your retrofit projects. As shown in the picture below, the net weight of AIKO’s Harmony G3 1500W is only 29.28kg (luminaire), and AIKO’s Harmony G3 1200W is 15kg (luminaire).

square flood lighting

In addition to size and weight, the installation method is also a point to evaluate. Whether you need to separate the driver box from the lamp body, or install the driver box on the bracket, both installation methods of Harmony G3 can be achieved.

square flood lighting

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