Why all the major football stadium will choose LED stadium high mast light at last?

It doesn’t seem to be an easy year for any industry in 2022.

However, led by Aiko sports lighting industry has ushered in a new growth space.

Under the background of national fitness, the demand for intelligent lighting is growing at a high speed in the sports lighting industry. However, the professional LED stadium lighting research team of Aiko uses new technology to meet the intelligent product experience of lighting in major stadiums and stadiums, and quickly breaks out in the sports lighting industry, which has been praised repeatedly.

But the precise cutting wisdom sports lighting circuit, through the “smart” lamp control system, give light for major sports venues provide on-demand services, operators can use demand freedom to switch the lights, according to the stadium lights can also remote control, promote sports gradually into the LED lighting industry wisdom lighting direction, greatly reduces the operating costs of the venue.

As the LED high mast lamp, which is favored by large sports venues, mainly consists of a main pole, a lamp tray and a lamp head. Generally can be divided into lifting type and non – lifting type. Usually can support the lamp pole more than 15 meters, commonly used lamp pole height of 15 meters, 18 meters, 20 meters, 25 meters, 30 meters and other specifications.

The high mast lamp with wider use has cast light lamp and flood light, this two can hardly see what difference in appearance, the most intuitive difference is that a irradiation Angle is large, a irradiation Angle is small. Mainly reflected in the flood light light source irradiation Angle is mostly 80-120°, the irradiation range is more extensive, and the irradiation Angle of the light lamp is mostly 30-60°, the illumination range is more concentrated.

Of course, these two kinds of high pole lamp are applicable to different places. For example, the ordinary shopping plaza, this site does not have high requirements for light intensity, as long as it can let pedestrians see the road at night, then this kind of plaza high pole light lamps and lanterns can choose LED floodlights.

However, for the environment like the stadium, the requirement of the high mast lamp is obviously much higher, because the stadium contains the track, football field, basketball court, involving the night sports and games, poor light will affect the whole game and sports quality.

Due to the large size of the field, LED floodlights are obviously not able to meet the lighting requirements, because the floodlights illuminate a large area, but the distance is so short that they can hardly reach the center of the field. This kind of venue is more suitable for a kind of irradiation distance, and high brightness lamps, LED stadium light has become the best choice for this kind of venue.

In order to make the lighting service of LED stadium lighting more energy saving, environmental protection and efficient, in terms of high pole lights, Aiko focuses on the business market of school football stadium lighting and other large sports venues, and has caused a significant response.

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