How to choose the best LED lights for stadiums?

In sports, major games are usually played in the evening, such as the Football World Cup and the NBA Finals. Why are sports held at night? There are three main reasons.

First for the spectators, the stadiums are poorly lit during the day. There are lights to assist with lighting at night, and there is no influence of sunlight. The audience’s attention will be more focused.

Secondly, according to people’s physiological functions, athletes are in the best physical condition in the evening and are most likely to perform well.

Finally, there is the commercial value of sports. Now sports have been closely integrated with business. The commercial value of sports requires a larger audience to achieve its goals. Because most office workers have time to watch the game in the evening. Spectators can liven up the atmosphere of the stadiums or sit in front of the TV to enjoy the game. This greatly increases the commercial value of the game.

How to choose the best LED lights to achieve high-quality lighting conditions, we have to understand what kind of LED lights are most needed by stadiums. As an industry-leading professional provider of LED sports lighting, AIKO Lighting shares the following key factors.

1.EfficientHeat Dissipation Performance

Efficient heat dissipation, not only can ensure the quality of LED lighting performance, but also significantly improve the service life of the lamp. Efficient heat dissipation requires structural design, radiators, and thermal conductivity materials.

The LED lights of AIKO Lighting select high-quality high-purity aluminum materials, which are processed by cold forging process and matched with excellent structural design. Such radiator not only ensured the quality of excellent heat dissipation performance, still provided beautiful aesthetic experience.

2.Professional Light Distribution Options

Precise light control is critical to stadium lighting. The excellent lens design will guide the light to accurately illuminate the corresponding area, so that all sports participants can enjoy the joy of sports without causing unnecessary light pollution to the surrounding neighbors.

AIKO Lighting provides professional lens design with hundreds of light distribution options. This allows the LED light to better adapt to stadiums with different requirements. Precise light control will help achieve excellent uniformity and best visual results, and minimize light pollution.

Let the LED lights illuminate only where they are needed without being complained by the neighbors!

3.Multiple Flexible Installation Methods

Different types of stadiums will have different installation requirements. AIKO Lighting considers the different installation methods of each LED light when designing products. That is, each product of AIKO has multiple flexible installation methods.

4.Reliable Smart Control System

Smart lighting control system is a necessary choice for modern comprehensive functional stadiums. AIKO has our own developed control system that can be installed in any place where wireless button lighting control is required, such as municipal stadiums, hockey rinks, basketball facilities, etc. This control system can be easily and quickly installed by an electrician and can be programmed to meet end-user needs with quick and easy access.

AIKO Lighting is a stadium lighting provider with 12 years of project experience, providing excellent lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor sports fields and related facilities. We focus on designing high-standard LED lights for sports lighting, in order to greatly improve the sports experience of athletes and the viewing experience of spectators, while helping to save power consumption and maintenance costs.

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