Sports Flood Lighting for Community Parks

Facility managers or owners are facing their problems to entertain the visitors and players. Because the low quality of current flood lighting system which powered by the traditional metal halide/HPS lighting fixtures.

While the LED sports flood lighting system can solve all those problems. But it could mess you around by updating your flood lighting system, cutting down energy bills, and reducing the cost of maintenance. The followings are a few community parks just improved their sports lighting system in recently by AIKO sports lighting fixtures.

Recent Sports Lighting Projects

Many of community parks have planed to upgrade their lighting system into LED. We just gathered a few projects completed in Illinois in US to show the benefits of LED sports lighting system.

Benefits of LED Sports Flood Lighting

The LED flood lighting have quite marvelous benefits compared with old metal halide/HPS fixtures. LED can offer much higher brightness, better uniformity for players and visitors. Meanwhile the maintenance cost is quite low and as well as the energy consumption which make the owners much happy.

AIKO Sports Lighting

AIKO Lighting has been focused on sports lighting for over 12 years. From design to installation, from professional stadiums to local fields, our experienced team with you to offer value-added turn-key solutions.

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