Which Shape Flood Light EPA Lower and Suitable for High Pole?

Outdoor high pole if project require use big wattage like 1,000W, or 1,500W, in some cases high wind speed means wind pressure, should not be taken lightly since the force projected by the wind on lighting can be many times the value of its weight. Flood light have different shapes, mostly are square shapes. Is square one suitable to use? Any specific parameter requirement for luminaire?

The windward side smaller means less wind blow and less wind force on objects, better for fixture. EPA(Effective Projected Area) is the parameter given to outdoor pole-mounted lighting based on the sum of fixture surface shape and size of the fixture. 

EPA = (Frontal Projected Area) x (Drag Coefficient)  

Drag: Non-dimensional coefficient based on the lighting shape’s resistance to wind.

Same wattage and weight flood light, round shape EPA is lower, should choose round one.


A qualified professional determine the pole location, total up the maximum EPA and the weight of all the fixtures. Even the shape of the pole can change the EPA of a complete system as square poles have a larger EPA than a round pole. A steel pole must support the weight of the fixtures, mounting brackets and other equipment which will mount on it.

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