UEFA: Kleanthis Vikelidis Stadium in greece

102 pcs 1000w  15°,  16 pcs 1000w 20°

20 pcs 750w  15°,  24pcs 750w  20°

UEFA is one of the six continental football federations under FIFA, and its influence and power in the world ranks first among the six major football federations. For this project, the customer needs 15 days to receive the goods, and it needs 80Ra 120 lm/W. At first, the customer felt that no Chinese manufacturer could do it, and even planned for the worst.They planned to buy a local lighting fixture that meets the required illuminance and install it, and then change the light after the competition is finished. While ,We build a special team, discussed all night, and quickly redesigned the solution based on the existing lamps. The customer received our power supply within five days and installed the power supply on the pole first. Then we completed the test and production of the lamp body within 9 days, and found a time-efficient and cheap courier channel to ship to the customer. In the end, the customer not only received the goods within 15 days, but also completed the entire installation. In the end, our 118 pcs 1000w and 44pcs 750w stadium lights illuminate the entire football stadium, bringing an unparalleled light experience to both players and spectators.

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