Which is the best color temperature for a football field?

Comparison of different color temperatures

The color temperature of an LED lamp is measured in kelvin. Here are three color temperature categories to give you an idea of the intensity of each type of lighting.

a.6000 K.

This is by far the most vivid white color temperature, providing a completely clear daylight vision, mainly used in stadiums.

b.5000 K.

Bright whites are vibrant and vibrant in colour, providing clear vision and energy. This color temperature level is more suitable for football, baseball fields, etc.

c.3000 K.

Soft pale yellow or low white gives a soothing, warm and relaxing effect in the home.

This lighting temperature is best for the home as it provides a relaxed atmosphere.

Which is the best color temperature for a football field?

As we all know, bright colors are highly recommended in football pitches, you need to choose a color temperature that provides maximum bright white. 6000K bulbs are perfect for football fields. Here are the reasons why it is best for football pitches:

  1. Almost have daylight effect.
  2. Boost the player’s energy.
  3. Provide bright white light in the stadium.

When you buy LED sports lighting, make sure you choose a certified brand that offers a warranty, such as AIKOLED. We recommend the 5700/6000K as it is more natural and more suitable for football players. While LEDs won’t break prematurely, it’s best to get them from a reliable brand.round sports lighting

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