How to Replace Metal Haide Lamps?

Due to the increasing energy consumption, it’s a big challenge to control the carbon reduction. Same in conventional metal halide lamps and HPS lamps field.

We’ve made an instruction of how our LED flood light could replace the conventional metal halide from below points.

1. Apperance

2. Wattage

3. Dimension

4. Weight

5. Lighting Distribution

6. IP Protection

7. Remote Driver Solution

8. Smart Control and Warranty

9. Big Projects Experience


Philips Round Metal Halide Lighting

ARES is similar to the conventional metal halide lightings in appearance. It is easier for end customers to accept the appearance when replacing the 1200W metal halides, especially for large professional projects.

Wattage Equivalent

Metal halide 1000W = 600W ARES LED floodlighting

Metal halide 2000W = 1200W ARES LED floodlighting


Dimension of the metal halide

The size of ARES is much smaller than Philips MVF403, which means the ARES could be installed as long as the Philips MVF403 can be.

Smaller size means lower EPA, lower EPA means smaller pole needed, which means less cost of poles for contractors.



The less weight of ARES means no need to change the exsiting poles and platform.

Lighting Distribution

Traditional metal halide beam angle

metal halide lighting beam angle

LED flood lighting lighting distribution.

LED flood lighting beam angle

ARES has same lighting distribution of metal halide MVF403 series, for both narrow beam angle and wide beam angle.

IP Protection


Remote Mounting Solution

Both Philips MVF403 and ARES are available with remote mounting. It means easier and lower cost for maintenance.

remote mounting solution for high mast lighting

Smart Control Availablility

Specification of the LED high mast lighting

Large Projects Experience


Philips MVF403 PK Ares ASP04_11

If you have similar retrofit lighting project requirements, please contact us. We can provide professional customized Dialux or AGI32 lighting calculation report.

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