Which is better, remote fixtures or integrated?

Remote will be not required

In last decades, most of the sports flood lights are Metal halide and HID fixtures. These fixtures are powered by remote power supply which called as remote ballast or driver. By this remote design, the remote ballast or driver can be convenient for necessary maintenance and the weight of ballast could impact the pole infrastructure negatively.But those concerns could be dropped when we proceed new projects of sports lighting.The current LED sports flood light is substantially maintenance-free. Since the longevity of driver and led fixtures are mostly last long for many years and efficiency of led fixture are much higher than Metal halide and HID, more and more operators are making the move to LED fixtures to reduce energy bills.

When should we use remote fixtures

Although many operators are using integrated/built-in sports light fixtures, remote fixtures are still necessary for many projects. For existing wood poles, usually it will need to use remote fixtures for retrofit projects. And for fields with high poles,especially stadiums, the retrofit fixtures and the priority.   

AIKO Lighting sports light

AIKO has been focused on sports light for decade. We can offer professional solution for different sports fields, both remote and integrated fixtures.

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