What’re the benefits of choosing sport light to LED?

LED Sport light is higher energy-efficient, long life, and cost-saving compared with traditional light sources.Here I’d like to share some main benefits of choosing sport light to LED.

  1. Cost-saving

LED Sources consume up to 80% less energy cost then traditional light sources, and the lifespan of LED light fixture is able to reach 50,000 hours.

Choosing sport light to LED helps to cut down not only energy costs effectively, but also the maintain costs.

  1. Getting much better lighting performance

LED sport light has better lighting performance with more uniform lighting and a wider range of color temperatures. It’s suitable for large sport fields due to their evenly distributed light pattern. Uniform lighting distribution boosts overall lighting experience. LED sport light is available in a range of color temperature as well. The players and spectators feel more comfortable with the light color that is similar to natural daylight.

  1. Enhance the performance of players

LED sport light can strengthen the performance of players. Players are able to concentrate on game and react precisely when the fields come with sufficient, uniform, and comfortable lighting. Choosing sport light to LED allow players to have clearer visions and they can judge the track of balls and the environment precisely.

As a LED Sport light manufacturer, AIKO provide top quality,and energy-efficient LED Sport light that applications are from recreational to professional sport events. Regard of outdoor or indoor sport area, there are several factors to consider when choosing sport light to LED.

(1)Proper illumination,without glare

The audiences will have a more pleasant experience in the fields with proper illumination. The players can judge the height and landing point of the ball more accurately to improve their game performance. And the referees are able to make more accurate judgments and improve the fairness and impartiality of the game.

(2)Impact resistance

It is critical to ensure that the lights can work properly even if they are damaged or broken because of a certain degree of impact by balls and others. Otherwise, people will be hurt or plugged in darkness.

When choosing LED Sport light for sporting areas, we have to pay attention to the IK rate. The higher the rating, the better impact resistance.

(3)light pollutioncontrol

Most outdoor sport places are located near residential areas, so strict requirements of lighting angles and coverage are presented to protect people around from disturbing as over brightness that would be harmful to eyes. Choosing the LED sport lights with perfect light control can minimize light pollution.

(4) High CRI

CRI (Color Rendering Index) is the ability to reflect the true color of the item. The sport light with the ability to reveal the exact color of the objects is important. Because it can not only promote accuracy for players to judge the track of flying ball, the location of themselves and the surrounding environment , but also offer a clearer vision for audiences.

(5)HDTV live broadcasting

HDTV broadcasting: TLCL + CRI 90 + flicker free.

TLCI means Television Lighting Consistency Index. This is an evaluation parameter created specifically for television broadcasting. We all understand the color rendering index CRI. TLCI and Ra are both identification value for the true color restoration of an object. The higher TLCI and CRI, the better the light quality and the more real it is.

AIKO Lighting teams choose Symmetrical light distribution enhancing uniformity of vertical and horizontal, meanwhile reducing light spill especially back pole light in residential area. AIKO’s sport light comes with Low wind resistance design, a variety of light distribution from ultra-small to large angle, fit for different applications, and super less weight with aviation aluminum.

For more details about the AIKO LED sport light or want customized lighting solution, please feel free to contact us.


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