How is football field lighting designed?

For the sport of football, professional football pitches and football field lighting are essential. A modern football stadium must have a good lighting environment to ensure visual effects and meet the lighting requirements of the audience, participants and TV broadcasts. So, do you know how the football stadium lighting is designed?

Four corners layout of football field lighting

Arrangement at the four corners of the football field lighting Lamps are arranged in the four corners of the football field in a concentrated form combined with light poles. Until today, many football field lighting facilities are still arranged at the four corners. Four light poles are set at the four corners of the football field, and the tower height is generally 35-60m. This arrangement is suitable for football fields without canopies or with low canopy heights. This method has low lighting utilization rate, difficult maintenance and repair, and high cost.

The angle between the bottom row of floodlights and the center of the football field and the ground should not be less than 25°, so as to determine the height of the light pole. Therefore, the distance between the light pole and the center point of the football field is different, and the height of the light pole is also different. The midpoint of the bottom line of the football field forms an angle of 10° with the bottom line of the football field (15° angle with TV broadcast). The triangular area formed by the extension line after the extension line formed by the two intersecting points at an angle of 5° between the middle point of the sideline of the football field and the sideline outward is the position where the light pole is arranged. By adopting the projection of floodlights with different beam angles, a suitable illumination distribution can be formed on the football field.

Improvement Measures for Football Stadium Lighting

Now TV broadcasting requires higher and uniform vertical illuminance, and the angle of light incident on the far part of the football field is required to be far less than the specified limit. The effect of the higher brightness achieved by the use of large gas discharge lamps, combined with the high height of traditional light towers (a type of light pole), makes excessive glare unavoidable.

The disadvantages of this type of four-corner lighting are: the visual changes in different viewing directions are large, and the shadows are deep. From the perspective of color TV broadcasting, it is indeed difficult to meet the vertical illuminance in all directions and control the glare well. . To meet the Ev/Eh ratio requirements and reduce glare, it is necessary to take some improvement measures for the four-corner lighting of the football field.

(1) Move the position of the four corners to the sides and outside the sideline, so that the opposite side of the football field and the four corners can obtain a certain vertical illuminance.

(2) Increase the number of floodlights on the light pole on the side of the main TV camera to strengthen the beam projection.

(3)Supplement light strip lighting on the top of the stand on the side of the direction of the main TV camera. Care should be taken to control glare so that the audience at both ends of the football field should not be aware of it.

Selection of football field lighting fixtures

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