What’s the glare and spill light?

Difference between glare and spill light

Elements of glare and light spill are quite important for sports lighting projects. People usually will mess around these factors. Here we will explain the difference between glare and spill light.

Glare and spill light can be both regarded as extrusion light. The spill light is illuminance which illuminated to where should not be. It includes up-light and back-pole light. The up-light will spill to sky which will disturb dark-sky and animals. The back-pole light will get extrusive light to neighbors’ window. So, the spill light should be eliminated in totally.

Meanwhile, glare is the feeling when people see something bright.It will make people take evasive action and affect the concept of background. When the glare ratio over than 50, it’ll be quite uncomfortable to play under that illuminance environment.

How to reduce glare and spill light

In order to reduce the spill light and glare of sports lighting, visor and reflectors must be combined to make it work. The visor will cut off up-light very well and some of the back-pole light. And effective reflectors will reduce the ratio of glare.

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