What are the benefits of using LED lights in sports venues?

Sports lighting has come a long way in a short time. More and more sports venues have switched from traditional metal halide lamps to more adaptable and energy efficient LED lights. Engineers from AIKO Lighting shared the benefits of using LED lights in sports venues.

Ⅰ.Reduce Energy Costs

LED lights can directly convert electrical energy into light energy, which can maximize the use of electrical energy and avoid consuming a large amount of current. That means you are saving money every minute you turn on the LED lights in your sports venue. Based on our project experience, sports venues with LED lights can save 60% of their total energy costs.

Ⅱ.Reduce Maintenance Costs

One benefit of LED lights is their long potential lifespan. LED lights last 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs. This becomes important in sports lighting because maintaining the lights requires a lot of effort and expense. In many sports venues, maintaining lights can be difficult and dangerous, and may require the use of more equipment. This adds even more cost.

AIKO’s LED lights last longer than traditional lighting, so you don’t need to spend too much time replacing lights. AIKO’s LED lights are rated to last over 100,000 hours, while a specially designed cooling system prevents thermal damage, extending life and reducing maintenance costs.

Ⅲ.No Warm-up Time

LED lighting reaches full brightness the moment it is fully turned on, eliminating the need to wait ten minutes for conventional lighting to reach 90% brightness. This means there is no warm-up time. The moment the switch is flipped, the lights are fully on and the race can begin.

Ⅳ.Provide a Better Atmosphere

LED lights allow you to better control the lighting at the game, such as the color of the lights and the number of lights on. There are many smart control options for LED lights.

Using a programmable lighting system allows you to customize your response to the game with your lights. This helps to generate excitement for the audience and boost the morale of the participating teams. For example the lights will start flashing during the scoring this time the fans will be happier.

Ⅴ.Better Color Rendering

One challenge for modern sports lighting companies is the need for lighting that enables true-to-life colors. LED lighting provides illumination very close to natural sunlight. With AIKO LED lights, you can enjoy flicker factor <1% and TLCI>90. This means that the colors are accurate not only for spectators in the sports venues but also for those watching at home.

High definition televisions and recording systems require specific lighting that is difficult to achieve with traditional lighting options. AIKO LED lights are specifically designed to meet the demands of 4K and HDTV broadcasts, so events can be fully televised.

From improving energy to improving overall lighting and brightness, LED lights are the smart choice for sports venues lighting companies. AIKO LED lights offer industry-leading technology that provides all the benefits of LED lights, such as longer life and the best lighting clarity in the industry.

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