How to Find a Qualified Sports Lighting Supplier from China?

Sports lighting project always means professional lighting business which require for professional technical service. To keep or raise our brand reputation in the market, it is very important to find a qualified sports lighting supplier. Let’s figured it out from below points,

  1. Well-designed products with right lighting distribution
  2. Rich experience in sports lighting fields
  3. Branded parts for all raw materials
  4. Related certifications and testing reports
  5. Strong financial support

First, Well-designed products, a good design understand what users needed. For example, who need and install the sports lighting? Definitely, construction companies. What they care for? They are always looking for durable and reliable sports light with good performance. Easy and quick installation and maintenance are also very important. Right lighting distribution is also important to guaranty no spill lighting and no light pollution. Check what is the existing sports lighting requirements and try to matching all points.

Second, rich experience in sports lighting fields. The supplier have to understand the market. For example, they need to know it is not easy to do the maintenance during the rainy season. They need to know the main player of Metal Halide was MUSCO lighting for the past days. Now they need to get the same mounting replacement for MUSCO MH.

Third, branded parts for all raw materials. The sports lighting are always installed high poles, like 20, 35 or even 35meters height. There will a huge cost for maintenance if there is any defective. So branded parts guarantee more.

Forth, Related certifications and testing reports. With the support of certificates and testing reports, it means the supplier invest a lot cost to ensure all goes well. Obviously, it will performed better than un-certified products.

Fifth, Strong financial support. As we know, the R&D cost for sports lighting are huge investment when you plan to make a new private sports lighting. You have to do the market researching, you have to hire engineers to do the drawing and open new molds for each parts and the new lens. And it is same complicated to make new customized parts for a matured products. So there is big cost for each step. With strong financial support, you could do it perfectly.

Contact AIKO Lighting to discuss more points to choose a right sports lighting supplier.


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