What kind of lamps are used for stadium lighting? How to choose school led stadium lighting?

Anyone who is in the sports industry knows that the current sports venues must not only be stylish in appearance, but also have excellent internal facilities, such as floors, seats, lighting, etc. Stadium lighting is a design with strong functionality, high technical complexity, and a high degree of difficulty.

When the stadium is holding different events, in order to ensure a clear field of view, a clear TV broadcast, and true colors in the stadium, there are corresponding regulations on the vertical illuminance, uniformity of light intensity, spatial three-dimensional sense, color temperature and color rendering index of the light source. Different levels of stadiums have different lighting standards.

From professional sports events to amateur training, AIKO Lighting’s LED sports lighting not only has a long service life, but also has no flicker and can achieve high-definition broadcast effects. LED sports lighting that also balances cool and warm colors, eliminating shadows, glare or black spots. Every move of the athletes can be clearly seen in the stadium, and every picture can be clearly captured on the TV.

LED lighting fixtures are also very targeted for indoor sports venues, such as:

1,Anti-glare device for lamps

2,Lamps should have their own or attached angle-adjusting indicating device

3,Lights with long service life, low light decay and low maintenance rate

4. The intelligent lighting system can provide training and entertainment, amateur competition, and career-transfer competition modes

5. In addition to anti-fall measures, the lamps and their accessories must have locking devices that can withstand the wind load under normal conditions of use.

AIKO Lighting LED stadium lighting has the characteristics of stable light output, good heat dissipation system, and excellent optical design. This technology can reduce light pollution around the venue and provide a comfortable and pleasant environment for athletes and spectators.

Therefore, you should look for lighting fixtures from AIKO Lighting. In addition to helping you select the right lamp, AIKO Lighting can also install and troubleshoot it for you. We can meet your complete needs for sports venues with intelligent lighting control.

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