AIKO Lighting – LFI Light Fair Invitation in Las Vegas in 2022

Looking forward to meet you in Light Fair in 2022.

Booth: West Hall, Booth 2679

Time: June 21-23, 2022

Location: Las Vegas, NV USA

We are going to publish quite a lot new amazing products for the market to help you win more business, including 1500Wsportslighting, 1200Whighmastlighting, 600Wsportslighting, roadway lighting, 1200W floodlighting.

Light Fair is the largest lighting exhibition in north America each year. You will meet your current suppliers, develop new suppliers for new products.

AIKO Lighting is specialized in #sportslighting, #highmastlighting, #floodlighting and #LEDstreetlighting with 12 years. We have done many big #lightingprojects globally, like UEFA stadiums, large government #streetlightingprojects. The most advantages of #AIKOLighting is that we have full experience in all types of sports lighting or high mast lighting applications. And we are skillful in offering smart control lighting, like #DMXlightingcontrol, #wirelesslightingcontrol, and #DALIlightingcontrol. Except that, #AIKOLighting is also good at #opticallensdesign. We have well designed ies with no #spilllight and #skyglow. If you have similar project requirements, feel free to contact us to get the customized lighting project solution for your sports facilities.

Except that, we have very good sales supporting solutions for our strategy customers.

Welcome to contact us:


What’sapp: 0086-18938049198

Website: fair invitation letter AIKO Lighting

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