What is BUG Rating?

According to IESNA Addendum A for IES TM-15-11, BUG rating includes Backlight, Uplight and Glare rating.


Back Light Rating 1 Up Lighting Rating

Glare Rating (1)

Glare Rating (2)

Since people more and more care about the sources of light pollution, which includes skyglow and light trespass. And the BUG ratings is becoming more and more important when clients biding for flood lighting projects, especially when the poles located close to buildings and residential houses.

Glare Lighting

Currently, all of the LED street lights have controlled the Uplight very well and can output low rate of BUG ratings. But most of the LED Flood lights still offer high BUG ratings, especially the back light and glare ratings. And many of these floodlights use visor/cover to reduce the BUG, which not work well.

In order to reduce the BUG for flood light, it must develop special optics system to cut off the back light and minimize the glare rating.

asymmetric Optical Lens1200W LED floodlighting 

AIKO Lighting has cooperated with LEDiL to develop the professional optics which can reduce the BUG ratings.

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