What is Dark Sky Regulation?

The International Dark-Sky Association(IDA) is an international non-profit organization headquartered in USA, founded in 1988.

This group is the recognized authority on light pollution and is the leading organization combating light pollution worldwide to protect the night from light pollution.And more and more countries are following the guidance of the association to implement the new lighting projects.

dark sky regulation

Currently, the LED street lights are mostly with 0% ULR(up light ration), this means nearly no light pollution. But the high mast lights still need to be improved. Because 80% of the led high mast lights are still using led flood light with improper light spill control and without any smart control system. Most of high mast lighting installations at night are over lit, left on when not needed, which are very harmful to the environment and waste at least 20% energy.

lighting beam of LED Street LightingHigh Mast Lighting

In accordance with Dark Sky Regulation, highly suggest you to use the APOLLO high mast light for your further projects. This high mast light equipped with Zhaga/NEMA system and without up light spill light.

High Mast Light

Up Light of high mast lighting

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