What is the best way to match the color temperature and light efficiency of LED street lights?

Street lighting is inseparable from the development of the city and the construction of the road. In urban road construction, high-brightness, clean, and environmentally friendly LED street lights are currently widely used. There are many people, however, that find that LED street lights can emit light of different colors. Some places are white light, and some places are warm yellow light, which involves the choice of color temperature of LED street lights. People have also found that some LED street lights with the same power have high and some low brightness, which reflects their light efficiency. How can we match the light efficiency and color temperature of LED street lights reasonably?

1 The choice of color temperature is determined by the local weather

If you have rainy or foggy days, LED street lights with high penetrating power are required. While the normal 5000K*6000K white light has poor penetrating power, it is better used for applications requiring high illumination power. The warm yellow light with a color temperature of 3000K*3500K should also blend in with the local environment.

2 Light Efficiency

The quality of the light effect is mainly determined by the number of lumens of the LED chip. The higher the number of lumens, the better the light efficiency of the LED street light, and vice versa. LED chips of various brands have different lumens, which affects the price.When the budget is sufficient, you can select Osram or Lumileds’s LED chips. If the budget is not sufficient, you can only select the relatively cheap wafer LED chips.

Overall, the reasonable matching of light efficiency and color temperature of LED street lights is also a big question. Consumers can inform LED street light manufacturers of their actual situation and needs, so that the technicians of the manufacturers can match reasonable light efficiency and color temperature.

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