Up light control on sports light

After the epidemic, many countries have promulgated subsidy policies in different industries to stimulate economic growth. For stadium lighting, there are also a lot of subsidies. However, the demand for subsidies is getting higher and higher. Many countries have begun to require good up light control, such as zero up light(0 up light).

How to achieve zero up light(0 up light) on sports light? Here’s a little bit to share.

  1. use 0° titled lens

When use a 0° titled lens, no doubt that all lights will only down to the ground. 0° titled lens  always require the sports light can be installed by 0° titled, just like this:

rotatable g3 sports lighting

2.add a louver

A good louver not only can control the up light on sports light, but also control the rubbish light to your neighbour. But one problem is that the light efficiency will low down a lot after adding a louver.

G3 Sports Lighting with Grill

3.add a visor

A visor can well control the up light on sports light, especially when it use with a asymmetric light distribution lens.

G3 sports lighting with visor

  1. use asymmetric light distribution

Now most sports lights are design with asymmetric light distribution. But make sure you are using a good asymmetric light distribution to balance up light control and back light spill light control.

AIKO Lighting G3 Harmony sports light provide all above solutions for up light control on sports lighting. IES are available for you to check. Contact info@aikoled.com for more information now.




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