What information do we need to know before doing lighting calculations for sports facilities?

Before we do the lighting simulation, the more detailed project information we know, the more efficient and accurate the calculation of the project can be completed. So Let’s take a look at what information is typically required.

Venue information. This is great if you have DWG file, but engineers can also design for the venue via Google Maps if without the DWG file.

At the same time we also need to know the details of the project.

What software do you require for light calculation?

DIALux, Relux, AGI32.

Is there a Class of Play per CIE requirement?

The lighting requirements of venues of different competition levels are different. For example, the average illuminance requirements, uniformity requirements, GR requirements, etc. of the training venue and the competition venue are different.

Is there a desired horizontal and vertical average illumination (lx) average?

The horizontal illuminance and vertical illuminance of the site are one of the factors to measure whether the site meets the standards. We need to know these two requirements absolutely clearly. Below you can see the standard about football lighting.

Are there existing fixtures? If yes, what type/wattage/quantity?

Aiko’s designers can use the existing information such as wattage and number of luminaires as a reference, and then select the appropriate LED luminaires for the design of DIALux, AGI32, RELUX.

How many poles exist or will be installed and what is the height?

The quantity and height of light poles are also important factors in deciding what fixtures to install.

If there are existing poles, what material are they and what is the Allowable Wind Loading EPA (Sq. ft)?

This is related to whether the light pole can withstand the LED lamps that are about to be replaced. In stadium lighting, weight and EPA (wind resistance) are very important factors in the success of the installation.

Is the new construction or retrofit? Are there existing electrical cabinets and do you have the drawings?

If it is a new construction project, we need to design the electrical cabinet in advance to install the drivers.

If it is a retrofit project, it is necessary to consider whether the existing electrical cabinet has space to place the replacement LED drivers. For example, how many fixtures are installed on each light pole, how many drivers are used by a fixture, etc., all of which need to be clearly understood.

What is the target pricing for the project?

With this target price, Aiko’s team knows how to recommend the right product for you to meet the needs of sports facilities.

Is there a competing manufacturer/fixture?

Knowing about your competitors’ products can greatly improve your odds of winning a project.

Are there any wireless control options needed?

Common control systems include 0-10V dimming, Bluetooth, DALI dimming, DALI DMX, WIFI etc. What kind of control you need is also to tell the Aiko team in advance.

The lighting calculation design and installation of the sports venue are closely related. We must consider all the details before submitting the plan so as to ensure the smooth installation of the project and the competition can be carried out as usual.

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