Are Sports Flood Lights Recyclable?

Whats the components of sports flood light.

Sports flood light is quite same with other LED fixtures. It always contains Aluminum heat sink, aluminum PCB boards, PC/PMMA optics, Aluminum/Iron bracket, cables, LED chips, LED drivers,glass cover,etc.

Which part of sports flood light can be recyclable?

Heat-sink usually made by aluminum alloy, such as ADC12, AL6063, this part is very easily to be recycled, it can be 100% recyclable.

Most of PCB boards are made by aluminum and with copper cables,if this, the PCB boards can be recycled by 100%.

Cables made by copper cables and PVC cloth, in this part, the copper cables can be recycled 100%, but the PVC cloth can’t be recycled.

Brackets are mostly made by aluminum alloy/Iron, it can be totally recycled.

Optics made by PC/PMMA. This part is recyclable very easy.

LEDs are usually not recyclable, because it has limit lifetime.

LED drivers component by aluminum housing and electric accessories. Basically it’s not easily by recycled.

How much percent of sports flood light can be recycled?

By roughly calculation, the 92% of sports flood lights can be recycled very easily. In AIKO Lighting, all the fixtures are made by qualified materials to ensure eco-friendly to environment.

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