Requirements of Soccer Field Lighting

To comply with the soccer fields lighting regulations plays an important in sports activity. It is same for friendly games till international broadcast ones. Especially when it occurs in the afternoon or evening or night time.

Offering a right implementation of the sports lighting system will improve viewer’s visual experience. There are some requirements of the sports lighting requirements must be meet depends on different level of events.

We are going to list the detailed requirements to comply with FIFA and UEFA requirements according to the international standards. There are normally 5 levels.

Class V: For broadcast televised events, it must be no shadows on the pitch. CRI80 or CRI90 and TLCI 90 or above required.

Class IV: Like Class V, there must be no shadows on the pitch and it only applies to national matches.

Class III: In this level, the field must be illuminated with at least 8 light poles, and it is used for non-televised national matches.

Class II: Requires a minimum lighting of 6 light poles, and is used for league and club matches that are not televised.

Class I: Lighting with a minimum of 4 light poles is used, and it is generally used for training and recreational matches that are not illuminated.

The color temperature normally between 5000K-5700K. The uniformity must be higher than 0.7. The spill light control is also very important to protect the environment and wild life. The main objective is to guarantee excellent visibility that allows the entire game running well without problems. 

Making a professional lighting calculation is also very important before you make decision. In this way, we will know the quantity, wattage and the estimated installation cost or retrofit cost for the current projects for the soccer fields lighting projects.

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