What impact do stadium-specific lights have on the game?

For professional sports competitions, stadiums and stadium lights are indispensable! In the future, the application of special lights for sports venues will become more commercialized, which will have higher requirements for the aesthetics and personalization of special lights for sports venues. This also means higher requirements for the diversity of special lights for sports venues and the design of lighting schemes.

There are usually three forms of lighting in sports venues: natural lighting, artificial lighting, and mixed lighting that uses both at the same time. Most of the modern stadiums are mixed lighting, and the artificial lighting of the stadium is general lighting.

In terms of the selection of special lights for sports venues, athletes must accurately judge the ball path, height and landing point. The first is to maximize the use of natural light, the effect of natural light is the best. Of course, glare should be prevented, and excessive light should not be directed or reflected into the eyes.

The second is to increase the stability of illumination and the uniformity and coordination of distribution. This is not only important for the athletes to achieve excellent results, but also for the referee’s accurate judgment and the audience’s appreciation. Therefore, the choice of special lights for sports venues is particularly important!

For sports, how to make athletes, referees, and audiences better participate requires adequate screening of special lights for sports venues! In terms of the selection of special lights for sports venues, many sports venues in the industry have chosen to cooperate with AIKO.

The innovative 5,000-hour constant illuminance output of AIKO LED stadium lights ensures a constant illuminance level and uniformity in the venue, avoiding the need and cost of lighting equipment due to the attenuation of illuminance. At the same time, it reduces the need for lighting equipment to use electricity, saving 30% of energy consumption.

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