How many watts are generally selected for outdoor large football field high pole lights?

With the promulgation of the “Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline”, it is clear that the goal of “promoting the construction of a healthy China and improving the health of the people” will further promote the construction of public sports facilities and fitness facilities for all. In this context, my country’s sports lighting field ushers in new opportunities to thrive. Today,AIKO will introduce to you the stadium high pole lights that are mainly used in outdoor large football fields and other occasions.

High pole lighting refers to a lighting method in which a group of lamps are installed on a light pole with a height of more than 20 meters for large-scale lighting. Lifting high pole lights have the characteristics of small footprint, convenient and safe maintenance, beautiful appearance and low cost.

Because the high pole lights are relatively large, it is necessary to consider the control of the lighting area in the early stage, and deal with indicators such as illumination, light color, color rendering, and three-dimensional effects. Also consider eliminating unwanted shadows that appear during lighting and controlling the light well. Negative Effects.

In addition to the electrical control system, a lifting system needs to be installed in the rectangular space at the bottom of the high pole lamp. The electrical control system can effectively avoid the malfunction of the lifting function of the high pole lamp caused by the harsh outdoor environment. The lifting system is composed of motor, worm gear reducer, safety coupling, main wire rope, auxiliary wire rope separator and pulley. The high pole lamp adopts a worm gear reducer, which has excellent self-locking ability and very compact transmission work.

The general height of the football field electric lifting high pole light is 20 meters, 25 meters and 30 meters. Here we use a 30-meter-high pole light to illustrate the technical parameters. Based on the consideration of convenient installation and safety, the 30-meter-high light pole of the football field is divided into 3-4 inner sets, and the high pole light is usually designed into polygons such as 8-gon or 8-gon. 12-gon. The upper diameter is 220mm, the lower diameter is 600mm, the flange specification at the bottom of the light pole is 1000x40mm, and the first pitch at the bottom is 0.8 meters from the ground to place the electric lift.

The pre-embedded foundation of the high pole light pole of the football field is a reinforced concrete structure, with a buried depth of 2800mm and a buried depth of 3000mm. The steel bar screw connecting the light pole flange has a specification of 30mm*2800mm, and 8-12 steel bar screws are welded with 3-5 layers of reinforcing ribs to form a reinforced ground cage. The threaded part of the ground cage screw should be about 10cm above the ground when it is pre-embedded, and the concrete grade should not be lower than C25.

The issues that should be considered in the design and implementation of high pole lighting in stadiums are that the design should be based on the principles of safety and reliability, advanced technology, economical rationality, energy saving, easy use, and easy maintenance. Secondly, according to the actual use requirements of the venue, the lighting layout method should be reasonably selected.

Among them, the four-corner lamp arrangement and the six-group lamp pole arrangement method are the more common lighting arrangement methods for outdoor light pole football fields. The height of the light pole is set according to the size of the stadium. Generally, the light poles of five-a-side and seven-a-side stadiums can be controlled between 10-15 meters (considering cost factors). The light pole of the 11-person stadium is generally between 20-25 meters.

AIKO team installed a 20-meter light pole in the Spanish football stadium

When choosing a lamp, in addition to the light intensity distribution and lighting effect of the lamp, the dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, corrosion resistance, and heat dissipation performance of the lamp should also be considered. Generally, the protection level of lamps is required to be above IP65. AIKO brand stadium lighting has reached the international brand level, economical and practical, and more cost-effective in the industry.

AIKO Lighting has been engaged in the R&D, design, production and sales of various venue lighting for a long time, with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness. And use the Internet of Things technology to intelligently manage lighting equipment, switch lighting modes, and switch between PC and mobile devices with one key. The lights can be switched in professional live broadcast, professional competition, amateur competition, amateur training and other modes.

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