Technology | What does the life of your LED stadium light have to do with it?

For LED sports lighting systems, the problem of heat dissipation is equally important as the problem of optics. The quality of heat dissipation directly affects the luminous stability and service life of LED sports lighting fixtures.

Therefore, in the case of the same power, the service life of LED stadium lights mainly depends on the performance of the heat dissipation material used in the lamps and the structural design of the lamps.

In today’s era of brand vicious competition, LED heat dissipation must have a breakthrough. The most direct way to improve the luminous stability and service life of LED stadium lights is to have unique heat dissipation black technology.

Poor heat dissipation directly leads to reduced service life of LED lamps

Because LED lights convert electrical energy into visible light, there is a problem with the conversion rate, and it cannot convert 100% electrical energy into light energy. According to the law of conservation of energy, excess electrical energy is converted into heat energy. If the design of the heat dissipation structure of the LED lamp is unreasonable, and this part of the heat energy cannot be discharged quickly, then due to the relatively small size of the LED package, a large amount of heat energy will accumulate in the LED bulb, resulting in shortened life.

AIKO LED sports lighting system solution – patented heat dissipation material combines the advantages of aluminum, expanded graphite, silicon micropowder and other components. Compared with other LED lamps, the working condition of AIKO LED sports lighting system can guarantee the service life of more than 50000 hours.

Material degradation leads to light attenuation

Usually, stadium lights have been used for a long time, and some materials are easily oxidized. As the temperature of LED lamps rises, these materials will be repeatedly oxidized at high temperatures, resulting in reduced quality and shortened service life. At the same time, due to the switch of the lamp, it causes multiple thermal expansion and contraction, which destroys the strength of the material and easily leads to the problem of light decay.

In order to solve this problem, AIKO LED sports lighting system also has a unique black technology. The raw materials of the heat dissipation materials used are evenly distributed, compact in structure, light in weight, waterproof, not easy to rust on the surface, low in thermal resistance of the material, fast in heat conduction, and durable in use. LED stadium lighting is prone to aging and light decay problems.

Prolonged overheating can easily cause inconsistent light and color of lamps and lanterns

This is a common problem with LED lights. When the temperature of the LED stadium light rises, the resistance of the electricity increases, resulting in an increase in current, and the increase in current causes heat to rise. In this reciprocating cycle, more and more heat will eventually cause the light color to change, resulting in light loss, which is not very stable.

In terms of light and color effects, AIKO LED sports lighting system has the advantages of high stability, high reliability, ultra-high thermal conductivity, etc., and can well keep the illuminance level of the light constant and the consistency of light color.

In order to reduce the temperature rise, the structural design of the lamp should have better ventilation holes

According to the principle of air circulation, when there is a temperature difference between the two areas, the AIKO LED sports lighting system will exchange hot and cold air through the ventilation holes, allowing the air to flow through its own structural design, which greatly improves the heat dissipation effect of the lamps. Therefore, in addition to using the exclusive patented heat dissipation material, the structural design of the lamp also plays a very important role in the heat dissipation technology!

LED heat dissipation technology is an important technical problem that has attracted much attention in the LED industry!

Through the innovative application and product structure design of low-energy thermal resistance aluminum-based composite heat dissipation materials for LEDs, AGCO has taken a small step ahead of the same industry in LED sports lighting heat dissipation technology, taking its products to a higher level. At the same time, the power conversion rate of LED stadium lighting can get rid of the trouble of heat dissipation of LED stadium lights.

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