What everyone should know about optical simulation

Whether you are rebuilding an old lighting system or designing new lighting for a large site or commercial building from scratch, you need to perform optical simulation to ensure that the results meet your expectations. The optical simulation will guide you in selecting lamps and provide templates for correct installation when the project is completed.

What exactly is optical research?

In the past decade, the lighting industry has seen optical as an understanding of the value it adds to making lighting not only effective but also efficient. So what is optical research? In short, this is an easy study.

Optical appeared in the 1990s, when lighting technology was booming and was making leaps and bounds beyond existing technologies. Although the method changes over time, the basic idea remains the same, studying the light in space and ensuring that the light effectively serves the purpose of the space.

Today, lighting experts use computer simulation to create a space digitally to study information such as building layout, candlelight (light level) measurements, obstacles, and many other information. They will study the drawings of the space or conduct a site visit for measurement, and input all these details into the optical measurement software, and then conduct the research.

It is very useful to conduct such research before purchasing lighting equipment. Because it allows you to consider many factors that you may not have considered before making the final purchase decision. For example, we often see customers stuck in the one-to-one replacement of all old lighting fixtures. It makes installation easier, but the upfront cost may actually be much higher because modern lamps are more efficient in directing light in various ways. Therefore, you need fewer lamps to achieve your lighting goals.

Benefits of doing this simulation

You can perform optical simulation studies on any lighting technology you plan to install in your facility, from old HID and fluorescent lighting to new LED lighting. After completing the optical simulation, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Make sure that what you are installing is a perfect fit
  2. Guidance on which type and number of fixtures best meet your needs
  3. Information on different lighting options and potential benefits of electricity bills
  4. Assist in forecasting future utility budgets
  5. Eliminate all guesswork in the project so that you can plan it well
  6. Ensure that you comply with all local laws regarding light pollution

Types of facilities that can benefit from optical simulation:

The fact is that every commercial/industrial facility will benefit from carrying out photometric studies. In particular, some types of facilities have a large number of savings opportunities, and research can help point out that. These include:

  • Automobile dealer
  • City Park
  • department store
  • gas station
  • gym
  • Office space and buildings
  • Parking and garage
  • restaurant
  • Sports ground, stadium and stadium
  • Warehouse

  • Manufacturing facilities

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