AIKO sports lighting in Light + Building 2022

October 2-6, 2022, the German Frankfurt Lighting and Architecture Exhibition Light + Building Autumn Exhibition was held in Frankfurt with the theme of “Breaking New Ground”, focusing on smart and connectivity solutions, forward-looking technologies and current design trends.

The Frankfurt Light+Building exhibition is the largest exhibition of lamps and building appliances in the world. Since it was first held in 1999, the exhibition has rapidly developed into one of the most influential international exhibitions in the industry.

The exhibition mainly displays the products and services related to the lighting industry, including lighting, building electrical engineering, building automation and smart home, etc. Each Light+Building exhibition will attract professionals from all over the world to participate.

This year, AIKO also participated in the lighting event. Our technical director Bill, technical representative and sales representative Vivian, Susan and Daisy attended the exhibition together. At the exhibition, we met a lot of our old customers and friends, and also gained a lot of new customers. Review the exhibition with AIKO!


The smell of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley. AIKO has been specialized in Sports Light for 12 years, but we didn’t pay attention to marketing before, and many customers don’t know us. In order to let more customers find us, we made a special advertisement in the square.

Exhibition Hall.

We strive for perfection in the layout of our booth, from how the lamps are placed to whether the posters are flat or not, we just want to give our customers the best experience. Small but exquisite layout, let customers focus on our products.

The Gift.

We have carefully prepared gifts for every customer. And the most outstanding gift this time is our little yellow bag. It becomes a mobile advertisement for AIKO, displaying AIKO messages throughout the program.


We showed our AFL09 Harmony Sports Light, ASP04 Ares Sports Light and Intelligent Control system. Our AFL09 Harmony Sports Light surprise many customers who believe that both the design and function meet the needs of the current market.

Many customers are also interested in our intelligent control system. They believe that we have firmly grasped the trend of intelligent Sports Light, and we are worthy of being a professional supplier of Sports Light.


Many of our regular customers come to visit our exhibition, such as our Irish partner, their CEO shay and his son Paddy, who come specially from Ireland to talk to us. They had great confidence in our cooperation, so they didn’t look at the products of any other suppliers at the exhibition.

We have also received very professional customers from many European countries, such as Austria, Switzerland and so on. They all like AIKO’s modular sports lights AFL09 Harmony very much. Look forward to our next cooperation.

As a professional stadium lighting supplier, AIKO made its debut in Frankfurt and officially laid out the European market. Let’s wait and see AIKO’s sales performance in Europe over the next few years!

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