Beam Spread Between Flood lighting And Sports Lighting

  • Whats Flood lighting and Sports lighting?

As usual, Flood lighting is also used for exterior lighting and is typically mounted on poles or buildings to provide directional illumination to a variety of areas. Conventional flood lights can be mounted at a variety of angles, distributing the light accordingly.

Flood Lighting Applications: Outdoor Flood lights are used to provide light to larger areas for safety and security for vehicle & pedestrian use. Flood lights are not used to provide the light levels (foot-candles) necessary for recreational competitive sports activities.

Outdoor LED Sports Lighting fixtures used for recreational or competitive sports activities such as baseball, football, soccer, tennis, basketball, etc. They are a type of exterior LED lighting fixture commonly used to illuminate large areas Sports light fixtures are typically mounted on poles 40 to 100 feet tall, with between 1-12 fixtures mounted on each pole.  

It’s normally used by schools, colleges and universities, municipalities, amateur sports clubs, and professional sports franchises. They are specifically designed to distribute light.

  • Beam Spread

Commercial LED flood lights are often the cheapest product option for outdoor lighting applications, Which would have a significant lack of uniformity.However, it does not result in the lighting results needed for sports fields and facilities. Because it has heavy shadows and glare in between bright spots,that is difficult for the participants and spectators to see. 

LED Sports lighting together with NEMA beam patters and set-ups typically include multiple fixtures mounted on individual poles.It could provide evenly distributed light across a playing surface with multiple NEMA beam patterns on individual poles, instead of spots of bright light surrounded.

NEMA beam angles will be have 4 types as follows:


  • Conclusion

In a word,Beam spreads of Flood lights and Sports lights are different,when you have a sports projects like football field, soccer field,baseball field,tennis field’s very important to know you should choose a sports lighting with better evenly beam spread and lighting distribution.

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