What do I need to know about switching sports lighting?

Even now in 2022 the majority of sports clubs and stadiums use metal halide not led lighting. This is due to the high cost of replacement and with led lighting being heavier, retrofitting may not be an option. However, led lighting is now superior to metal halide in most ways, longer, stable life, good quality light output, high CRI. The digital benefits of led sports lighting have also transformed events and sports venues. The ability to have instant on/off of hundreds of lights.

How to choose right products for your sports fields? Glare can make movement impossible. The ball cannot be tracked and fatigue may occur. Depending on the possible arrangement of the spotlights (high illuminance, few spots), narrow beam angles and higher wattage must be used. The location of the lighting is critical here. However, it’s not just the glare on the pitch that matters here – spectators should also be able to observe the game without glare. Lighting uniformity has a big impact on player positioning. The more uniform the lighting, the better the ball’s velocity can be estimated. If parts of the playing field are dark, players have to subconsciously compensate for this during play, which can lead to fatigue. Targeted lighting of sports fields is a must, especially outdoors. Non-directional light emitted into the environment, which does not need to illuminate the playing field, not only adds to the cost. Residents and nature were greatly disturbed. Light pollution can be minimized with good planning, directional lighting and glare protection

Can I retrofit led sports luminaire to existing poles? When considering changing sports lights to led one of the first considerations should be if the poles can be reused. It’s important to note that this is not, or should not, be a compromise. There’s a number of factors involved but the benefits certainly make it worthwhile to consider-cost, disruption and time scales.

Our AIKO sports lighting harmony G3 series have used in UEFA and FIFA stadiums.

It’s EPA and weight both small, and can replace metal halide directly. The surface of the luminaire is specially sprayed with high quality anti-corrosion powder coating, which has strong resistance to salt spray corrosion and is suitable for harsh environments. Fully controllable solution via DALI or DMXRDM enabling instant lighting, stepped illumination levels and event lighting with dynamic lighting scenarios. It has magic total lighting control and can tunable RGB color correctly and precisely.

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