Lusail Stadium:The jewel in Qatar’s FIFA World Cup ctown

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is in full swing. As the largest stadium in Qatar, the Lusail Stadium, which is about to witness the World Cup finals where the Hercules Cup will eventually belong, has attracted global attention. Lusail Stadium is constructed by China Railway Construction International Group. This is the first World Cup stadium project undertaken by a Chinese enterprise as the general contractor of design and construction. The LED display screen and display control system in the stadium are also provided by Chinese enterprises. People hotly discussed the “Made in China” in the World Cup, and praised the Lusail Stadium one after another, calling it the “crown jewel” of the World Cup in Qatar.

The Italian news website Close-up Engineering published a special report on November 20, detailing that the Lusail Stadium is the most important venue for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The article describes that the golden exterior of the Lusail Stadium is gleaming, and its materials and design are inspired by traditional Arabic crafts. The entire venue has a perfect circular layout and 80,000 seats. The article pointed out that the main project of the Lusail Stadium has been completed in September 2021. “This great ultra-modern landmark project was completed by the joint venture between China Railway Construction and HBK Contracting.”

Screenshot of Tanzania's "Citizen" report

Tanzania’s “Citizen” published an article on November 20 that the 64 matches of the World Cup in Qatar will be held in 8 state-of-the-art stadiums located in 5 cities. These stadiums are regarded as pearls in the field of infrastructure. Among them, the Lusail Stadium, constructed by China Railway Construction Corporation, is the main stadium of the Qatar World Cup and will host 10 games including the final. It is the largest stadium in Qatar. Bakhresa, the foreign engineering manager of the project, said in an interview with The Citizen that the Lusail Stadium has become a landmark building in Qatar, and he is honored to be able to participate in it. This stadium will leave indelible memories for people all over the world.

Screenshot of "Pakistan Observer" article

The “Pakistan Observer” reported on November 21 that the 2022 Qatar World Cup finals will be held in the “most advanced stadium” undertaken by China Railway Construction. Pakistani engineering manager Mu-hammad Saif Ijaz, who participated in the project, spoke highly of the efforts made by his colleagues to build the Lusail Stadium under the high temperature.

Ijaz said, “This is the first time I have participated in such a large-scale construction project, and I feel very lucky. This project is a symbol for Qatar and the whole world.”

He said that in the process of completing this arduous task, his Chinese colleagues gave him great help. “I am very happy to be able to work with my Chinese colleagues. I see a sense of responsibility and trust from them.”

In his view, Chinese contractors not only have strong economic strength, but also have skilled and hardworking Chinese employees. Ijaz praised the performance of the Chinese company in the construction of the project as “admirable”, “I very much appreciate the decision of the Qatari government to award this contract to China Railway Construction”.

Screenshot of Qatar's The Peninsula article

Qatar’s “Al Jazeera” also published an article a few days ago, saying that the Lusail Stadium is the “crown jewel” of the World Cup in Qatar. The article specifically pointed out that the Lusail Stadium received a five-star rating from the “Global Sustainability Evaluation System” not long ago.

According to the report, the most prominent feature of the sustainability of the Lussel Stadium is the roof of the venue, which is made of the most advanced polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material, which can protect the stadium from hot winds and prevent dust from entering. Not only that, it can also provide enough light for the court, but also shade it. Another sustainability feature is the water-saving system that operates in the stadium, which saves 40% of water compared to traditional stadiums.

Screenshot of BENZINGA, a mainstream financial news website in the United States

The US news website BENZINGA reprinted a report from PR Newswire saying that Chinese LED displays lit up the Lusail Stadium. The report pointed out that the temperature in Qatar is high and the intensity of sunlight is high, which requires the LED display screens used in this World Cup to have better heat dissipation, higher brightness and other extraordinary performance. In order to bring a better viewing experience to fans all over the world, Chinese companies have customized the design of LED display terminal cabinets, module masks, driver ICs and chips for the Lusail Stadium, which has improved the overall heat dissipation efficiency of the product by more than 50%. The brightness has also been greatly improved, which can not only ensure the long-term stable operation of the display, but also ensure clear viewing under strong light, so that audiences in different positions can fully enjoy the fun of watching the World Cup.

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