How to choose sports lighting?

AIKO Lighting has a large selection of outdoor LED sports lightings, there are AFL09 HARMONY G3 Series, ASP03 ALTAS Series and ASP04 ARES Series, the max Power 1800W. Light up the night!

Below are the images of AIKO Lighting’s LED sports lightings: AFL09 HARMONY G3 Series (500W~600W, 1000W~1200W, 1500W~ 1800W), ASP03 ALTAS Series (300W~ 600W, 750W~ 1250W), and ASP04 ARES Series  (300W~ 600W, 750W~ 1250W)

LED sports lighting- AIKO Harmony G3 Series

LED sports lighting- AIKO ASP03 Series

LED sports lighting- AIKO ASP04 Series

AIKO Lighting offers a wide range of high Power LED sports lighting able to light up any sports venue from Tennis Court to a UEFA Level A stadium, and everything in between.

From the stock LED sports lighting to LED sports lighting with custom optics, color temperature, shields, and all kinds of LED sports lighting accessories, AIKO Lighting has what you need to light up your any sports venue. 

– Optional remote LED drivers so most maintenance, while very rare, can be performed on or near the ground, instead of at the top of the pole

– LED sports lighting featuring EXTREME LIFE with L70 ratings as high as L70 at 250,000 hours, Standard 3,0000 Hours Salt-Spray Test, we provide the whole fixture 10 years warranty.

– LOW WIND Resistance, lighter weight.

– The asymmetric lenses ensure even light without glare or scattering. AIKO Lighting is able to provide Dark Sky Friendly lighting and anti-glare with stadium UEFA level A performance lighting, The optics are specially designed for Stadium, Field hockey, Tennis, Golf, Airport, etc.

While AIKO Lighting has LED sports light packages for most sports venues, we recognize that many sports lighting projects are unique. That is why AIKO Lighting has lighting specialists and lighting engineers to design and model the lighting to meet the requirements of your sports facility. 

AIKO Lighting has LED sports lighting experience with tennis courts, soccer field, Baseball Field, Ice Hockey Field, Hockey Field, Football Field, Volleyball courts, Golf Course, Cricket Field, Bicycle Motocross Racing Field, Horsee Racing courts, soccer fields, volleyball courts, swimming areas and UEFA Stadium, Olympic Stadium, riding arenas, baseball fields, and more. Contact AIKO lighting specialist immediately to see which kind of AIKO’s LED sports lighting will work best for your projects.

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