What do I need to know about metal halide replacement

The past 10 years has seen a huge shift from traditional Metal Halide fittings over to digital lighting in the form of LED. 

The first question is how much light do you need in lux terms? It is important to consider vertical and horizontal illuminance in your lighting design. And lighting uniformity has a big impact on player positioning. The more uniform the lighting, the better the ball’s velocity can be estimated. If parts of the playing field are dark, players have to subconsciously compensate for this during play, which can lead to fatigue.

The next part is if you have enough money to replace the poles or if you’re going for a retrofit.  Retrofits are a lot cheaper but also can be restrictive if the poles are too low or in the wrong positions.  At this point it’s worth getting a lighting plan done to confirm how many lights are needed and if the current heights and positions are feasible. The type of luminaire, the number of luminaires per pole, and the type of mounting bracket used to attach the luminaire to the pole will affect the structural requirements of the pole. Luminaire types vary widely as each luminaire housing has a unique Effective Projected Area (EPA).

Now you know if the poles are good and how many lights you need, you can assess if there is sufficient power to the ground. Again, if you’re swapping out one-for-one this is generally not an issue as the metal halides are 2kW, whereas most big LEDs are 1600-1800W, giving you some tolerance.

AIKO Ares ASP04 series can one to one retrofit lighting solution for halogen lamp with its compact round size and lightweight. There is no need to change the exsiting poles. Designed for municipal, high schools, recreational, sports venues, and outdoor professional stadium lighting. A removable driver box is a key point to save maintenance costs for contractors. TLCI>90 for HDTV broadcasting.

The only one who make 1500W round sports lighting in the high power flood lighting market. It could replace MUSCO’s 1500W round sports lighting directly. Light weight, 1500W =28.5kg only. Small size, Dia 550x129mm. The contractors could use less quantity of luminaires for the professional stadiums. It will be a great help to reduce the project cost and installation cost for the owners.

AIKO LED offers luminaires designed specifically for sports lighting. Our luminaires are durable, long-lasting, and weather-resistant, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you are lighting a football stadium or looking for efficient lighting for a parks-and-recreational facility, you’ll find it with AIKO LED. Contact us today and speak with a lighting expert.

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