Australia AS 2560.2:2021 standard

Australia AS 2560.2:2021 standard

The newly revised AS 2560.2:2021 standard provides guidelines for sports clubs and communities applicable to lighting installations. The new standard aims to improve public health and safety and reduce the environmental impact of energy consumption through improved lighting quality guidelines for sports facilities. This revised edition provides guidelines for applicable lighting installations for competitions ranging from professional level to recreational training. The standard also helps maximize the use of ground and indoor facilities. The revised standard aligns processes with international organizations, ensures terminology matches, and aligns with industry. In addition, the standard takes into account new LED technologies aimed at improving the overall lighting quality of illuminated spaces and illuminated areas.

The standard covers a variety of sports, including tennis, multi-purpose indoor gyms, soccer (all codes), outdoor no tennis/basketball, aquatics, baseball/softball, outdoor hockey, and lawn bowling. This new standard is now also extended to include cricket, equestrian and squash.

In the AS 2560.2:2021 standard, a unified cricket lighting standard has been formulated, which will bring huge benefits to cricket, providing a good playing environment for players, referees and spectators, and promoting the development of cricket.

In the AS 2560.2:2021 standard, the lighting requirements for cricket pitches are as follows:

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